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November 2022

Cardiac Myosin Filaments are Maintained by Stochastic Protein Replacement
An Optimized MRM-Based Workflow of the l-Arginine/Nitric Oxide Pathway Metabolites Revealed Disease- and Sex-Related Differences in the Cardiovascular Field
Continuous Oral Stable Isotope Ingestion to Measure Whole-Body Protein Turnover
The Metabolism of Human Soluble Amyloid Precursor Protein Isoforms Is Quantifiable by a Stable Isotope Labeling-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method
TurnoveR: A Skyline External Tool for Analysis of Protein Turnover in Metabolic Labeling Studies
Isotope Tracing in Health and Disease

May 2022

Temporal Quantitative Profiling of Newly Synthesized Proteins during Aß Accumulation
Human Colorectal Cancer-on-Chip Model to Study the Microenvironmental Influence on Early Metastatic Spread
Fructose Reprograms Glutamine-Dependent Oxidative Metabolism to Support LPS-Induced Inflammation
Utilizing Liquid Chromatography, Ion Mobility Spectrometry, and Mass Spectrometry to Assess INLIGHT™ Derivatized N-Linked Glycans in Biological Samples
A Mass Spectrometry-Based Targeted Assay for Detection of SARS-Cov-2 Antigen from Clinical Specimens
Reference Materials for MS-Based Untargeted Metabolomics and Lipidomics: A Review by the Metabolomics Quality Assurance and Quality Control Consortium (mQACC)
Principles of Stable Isotope Research – with Special Reference to Protein Metabolism

May 2020

TMTpro: Design, Synthesis, and Initial Evaluation of a Proline-Based Isobaric 16-Plex Tandem Mass Tag Reagent Set
Domain-Specific Quantification of Prion Protein in Cerebrospinal Fluid by Targeted Mass Spectrometry
A Novel Stable Isotope Tracer Method to Simultaneously Quantify Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis and Breakdown
Impact of Enteral Arginine Supplementation on Lysine Metabolism in Humans: A Proof-of-Concept for Lysine-Related Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Identification of Bioactive Metabolites Using Activity Metabolomics

October 2019

SILAC Quantitative Proteomics and Biochemical Analyses Reveal a Novel Molecular Mechanism by which ADAM12S Promotes the Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion of Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells through Upregulating Hexokinase 1
Preclinical Studies on Metal-based Anticancer Drugs as Enabled by Integrated Metallomics and Metabolomics
Leucine Co-ingestion Augments the Muscle Protein Synthetic Response to the Ingestion of 15 g Protein Following Resistance Exercise in Older Men
Assessment of Methylcitrate and Methylcitrate-to-Citrate Ratio in Dried Blood Spots as Biomarkers for Inborn Errors of Propionate Metabolism
Metabolomics and Isotope Tracing

May 2019

Assessment of NAD+ Metabolism in Human Cell Cultures, Erythrocytes, Cerebrospinal Fluid and Primate Skeletal Muscle
Mitochondrial Fusion Supports Increased Oxidative Phosphorylation During Cell Proliferation
Essential Amino Acid-enriched Meal Replacement Promotes Superior Net Protein Balance in Older, Overweight Adults
Traceability to a Primary Reference Measurement Procedure (ID-LCMS): A Key Step in Validating the Clinical Accuracy and Safety of Hospital Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems
NMR- and MS-based Stable Isotope-resolved Metabolomics and Applications in Cancer Metabolism

December 2018

Lysine Propionylation Boosts Proteome Sequence Coverage and Enables a “Silent SILAC” Labeling Strategy for Relative Protein Quantification
13C-Labeled Yeast as Internal Standard for LC-MS/MS and LC High Resolution MS Based Amino Acid Quantification in Human Plasma
Glutamine-Derived 2-Hydroxyglutarate Is Associated with Disease Progression in Plasma Cell Malignancies
Hepatic Ketogenic Insufficiency Reprograms Hepatic Glycogen Metabolism and the Lipidome
A Targeted Metabolomics Approach for Clinical Diagnosis of Inborn Errors of Metabolism
A Guide to 13C Metabolic Flux Analysis for the Cancer Biologist
SNMMI Image of the Year Is the Endocyte 177 Lu PSMA-617

May 2018

Multiplexed Proteome Analysis with Neutron-Encoded Stable Isotope Labeling in Cells and Mice
A Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomic Analysis of Homer2-interacting Proteins in the Mouse Brain
Two Complementary Reversed-Phase Separations for Comprehensive Coverage of the Semipolar and Nonpolar Metabolome
METLIN: A Technology Platform for Identifying Knowns and Unknowns
Noninvasive Liquid Diet Delivery of Stable Isotopes into Mouse Models for Deep Metabolic Network Tracing
A Timeline of Stable Isotopes and Mass Spectrometry in the Life Sciences

October 2017

HILAQ: A Novel Strategy for Newly Synthesized Protein Quantification
Multiplexed MRM-Based Protein Quantitation Using Two Different Stable Isotope-Labeled Peptide Isotopologues for Calibration
Anion-Exchange Chromatography Coupled to High Resolution Mass Spectrometry: A Powerful Tool for Merging Targeted and Non-Targeted Metabolomics
Metabolite Spectral Accuracy on Orbitraps
How Close Are We to Complete Annotation of Metabolomes?
Plasmonic Silver Nanoshells for Drug and Metabolite Detection

April 2017 

SWATH-based Proteomics Identified Carbonic Anhydrase 2 as a Potential Diagnosis Biomarker for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Serotonin Biosynthesis as a Predictive Marker of Serotonin Pharmacodynamics and Disease-Induced Dysregulation
13C Metabolic Flux Analysis of Acetate Conversion to Lipids by Yarrowia lipolytica 
Comparative Analysis of INLIGHT™-labeled Enzymatically Depolymerized Heparin by Reverse-phase Chromatography and High-performance Mass Spectrometry
Historical and Contemporary Stable Isotope Tracer Approaches to Studying Mammalian Protein Metabolism

November 2016

Multiplexed MRM-Based Assays for the Quantitation of Proteins in Mouse Plasma and Heart Tissue
Optimal Tracers for Parallel Labeling Experiments and 13C Metabolic Flux Analysis: A New Precision and Synergy Scoring System
➤ N-linked Glycosite Profiling and Use of Skyline as a Platform for Characterization and Relative Quantification of Glycans in Differentiating Xylem of Populus trichocarpa 
Determining the Turnover of Glycosphingolipid Species by Stable-Isotope Tracer Lipidomics
Quality Management in Clinical Application of Mass Spectrometry Measurement Systems

July 2016

Determining Synthesis Rates of Individual Proteins in Zebrafish Danio rerio with Low Levels of a Stable Isotope Labelled Amino Acid
NeuCode Proteomics and Bap1 Regulation of Metabolism
Stable Isotope Labeling of Algal Biomass Carbohydrates
Biochemical Pathways Affected by Mitochondrial Stress
MS-based Quantitative Plasma Proteomics

April 2016

Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography Coupled to Multiple Reaction Monitoring Enables Reproducible Quantification of Phosphosignaling
Discovery of Serum Protein Biomarkers in the mdx Mouse Model and Cross-Species Comparison to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patients
Isotopic Ratio Outlier Analysis of the S. cerevisiae Metabolome Using Accurate Mass Gas Chromatography/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry: A New Method for Discovery
Gluconeogenesis and Glycogenolysis Measurement Review
Recommendations for Peptides Used In Mass Spectrometry Assays
Proteomic Maps of Breast Cancer Subtypes

November 2015

Relative Quantification and Higher-Order Model of Plasma Glycan Cancer Burden Ratio in Ovarian Cancer Case-Control Samples
A Standardized Kit for Automated Quantitative Assessment of Candidate Protein Biomarkers in Human Plasma
Proteomic Analysis of pRb Loss Highlights a Signature of Decreased Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation
A Roadmap for Interpreting 13C Metabolite Labeling Patterns from Cells
Cancer Cell Metabolism Unique Features Inform New Therapeutic Opportunities
LC-MS-based Quantification of Intact Proteins: Perspective for Clinical and Bioanalytical Applications

December 2023

Dioxin and Furan Standard Mixtures Made for GC-MS/MS Methods
Volatile Organic Compounds in Wildfire Smoke
29 PFAS Compounds Being Monitored in Public Water Systems Under UCMR 5
Chlorates and Bromates in Food and Water
Mitigation Measures for Malathion

July 2023

Dechlorane Plus, UV-328, and Methoxychlor Face Global Ban Under Stockholm Convention
US EPA Proposes Rule to Reduce Emissions from Chemical Plants
PCNs in Environmental and Human Exposure Studies
CIL’s PAH Standards – For Food, Environmental, and Human Exposure Analysis

April 2023

New Regulations in North America and Europe Increase Restrictions on More PFAS Compounds
Flame Retardants – Legacy and New Use Compounds
Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products
France Ends Exemption Use of Neonicotinoids

December 2022

US EPA Withdraws Interim Registration Review Decision for Glyphosate
CIL – The World’s Leading Producer of Stable Isotopes
PFAS Detected in Pet Food Packaging

October 2022

Dawn Mantz Joins the CIL Environmental Sales Team!
US EPA Plans to Enforce Restrictions on Atrazine Use
US FDA Limits Certain Phthalates in Food Packaging Materials
Update on Halogenated Compounds from EURL

July 2022

New 13C12-6PPD-Quinone Standard for Enhanced Analysis
Ethylene Oxide and 2-Chloroethanol in Food
Potassium Bromate Additive – Potential Carcinogen in Packaged Baked Goods
FDA to Evaluate and Reconsider Bisphenol A Restrictions in Food Packaging
US EPA Proposes Ban on Diuron on Food

April 2022

New Pyrethroid Metabolite Standards – Now Available!
Europe Proposes Large Reduction in Use of Bisphenol A
UK Approves Emergency Use Authorization of Thiamethoxam in Sugar Beets

December 2021

Neonicotinoids of Particular Concern and Results from the 2019 European Union Report on Pesticide Residues in Food
New Nitrosamine Mixes – US EPA Method 521 and More!
‘Isotope’ – It May be Our Middle Name, but it Is not Our Only Business

October 2021

Cannabis Testing Standards – Now Available from CIL!
Foodomics – Standards for Metabolic Biomolecules and Food Contaminants
Ethylene Oxide and 2-Chloroethanol Analytical Standards
US EPA Method 1628 – New Method Posted for the Analysis of 209 PCB Congeners

June 2021

Biomonitoring – Analytical Standards for Human Exposure Analysis
Dioxin/Furan Mixtures for Food/Feed and GC-MS/MS Analysis
Nitrosamine Standards Update – NPIP, NDBA, and NMEA Now Available!
New Product Release – Glufosinate
Chlorpyrifos Regulation Update

October 2019

BPS Joins BPA Ban in Thermal Paper
Human Biomonitoring Initiative Takes Flight in Europe
Halogenated Flame Retardant Ban in EU
Update on Nitrosamine Standards – NMBA Now Available

August 2019

Regulatory Actions by the EU and US EPA on Neonicotinoids Take Effect
Analyzing Cyanotoxins in Surface Water and Drinking Water
Proposed Limit on Perchlorate in Drinking Water

April 2019

Move to Restrict Siloxanes in the European Union
Blood Pressure Medicine Recalls Expanded Due to Presence of Nitrosamines
Environmental Group Updates

December 2018

Hervé Mohr Joins the CIL Environmental Team!
New Developments with Exposomics Initiatives
Blood Pressure Medications Recalled Due to the Presence of Nitrosamines
Chlorpyrifos Banned by EPA via Court Order

August 2018

Chlorate Standards for Food and Water Testing
Analyzing Cyanotoxins Using LC-MS/MS with 15N-Stable Isotope-Labeled Internal Standards
Dicamba and Metabolites
Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Update
Phthalates and Phthalate Replacement Products

April 2017

New Catalog Announcement
New Pyrethroids Available at CIL
CIL and Italy...A Relationship that Began 40 Years Ago
Chlorpyrifos Under Review

August 2016

1,2,3-Trichloropropane (1,2,3-TCP) in Drinking Water
Acaricides in Common Flea and Tick Repellants
Glyphosate Use and Regulations
New POPs Chemicals Added to the Stockholm Convention in 2015

April 2016

Neonicotinoid Pesticides
Introducing CIL's New Catalog, Standards for Environmental, Food, Water, and Exposure Analysis
2016 International Interlaboratory Study on Fish Reference Materials

October 2015

Curious (but correct!) Naming of CIL's Isotopically Labeled Ethynylestradiol (EE2) Standard
New PCN Standard (PCN Update)

July 2015

Sodium Monofluoroacetate
New Polychlorinated Naphthalenes (PCNs)

January 2015

Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines

August 2014

Bisphenol A (BPA)
Calculating Concentrations of Free Acid or Base from Salt Form

October 2013

Nonylphenol Added to List of Toxic Chemicals
Human Biomonitoring: Attogram Level Sensitivity and Consequences for Analytical Standards Purity
New Polychlorinated Naphthalene Standards
Emerging Pesticides: Trifluralin

June 2013

Using 13C-Labeled Standards and ID-HRMS for Low-Level PAH Determination in Water and Tissue Samples
Triclosan in the News
Interested in PAHs and PAH Metabolites?

June 2012

CDC’s National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals
Reconstitutable Solutions
EPA Perchlorate Regulations
PAH Metabolites

January 2012

Emerging Contaminants in the Great Lakes
Determination of Glyphosate and AMPA
EPA Report on Monitoring Parlar Compounds

August 2011

Plasticizers in Food Are Now Substances of Higher Concern
Bisphenol A Under Increased Scrutiny for Health Effects
Endosulfans Added to Stockholm Convention POPs
No Quantitation without Representation!

April 2011

New Cod Liver Oil Interlab Study Results
“High Purity” PCB Standards from CIL
Atrazine and Atrazine Metabolites

June 2010

EPA Targets Cancer-Causing Contaminants
Stockholm Convention Adds New POPs
CIL Dioxin and Furan Standards Produced under ISO Guide 34 and ISO/IEC 17025