Metabolic Labeling

One type of proteome labeling introduces a stable isotope amino acid(s) to cell growth media or rodent feed. Growth and feeding periods allow the stable isotope-labeled amino acid(s) to become metabolically incorporated into the proteome. Experiments involving cell culture are referred to as SILAC (stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture), while mammalian systems are referred to as SILAM (stable isotope labeling in mammals). Each metabolic labeling technique is described and referenced on their associated page.


CIL offers a myriad of free amino acids (either stable isotope-labeled or unlabeled) and its sets (i.e., labeled and unlabeled amino acids) for SILAC-MS proteomic studies.


To help facilitate this type of metabolic research, CIL offers labeled (and unlabeled) Mouse Express® and spirulina mouse feeds (irradiated and non-irradiated).