Partnering with CIL

At CIL we understand how teamwork and strategic alliances increase our ability to better serve our employees, clients, customers, and the community. We are continuously building strong partnerships with organizations that serve the diverse needs and interests of our key constituencies, and we believe that supporting these organizations firmly demonstrates our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We also believe that these diversity partnerships should be win-win relationships – supporting the goals of each organization along with CIL’s business goals. These partnerships provide CIL with various opportunities to support our global reach, but allow us to bring forward innovative products to aid our customers’ pursuit of scientific discovery.

We are proud to support these organizations in a variety of ways, from sponsorship to thoughtful leadership, through our involvement on their boards/committees, and to encouraging our employees and clients to participate in their events.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner with CIL.

Organizational Partnerships