Metabolomics is an increasingly important and growing area of research. The use of stable isotope-labeled standards, in combination with mass spectrometry, allows researchers to identify and quantify metabolites in a given biological sample. This information is used to better understand the physiology of an organism, its response to a drug, a change in its environment, and/or other external stimuli. It is also used to unravel disease mechanisms, assess putative biomarkers, and to monitor metabolic pathway activities (i.e., flux).

To aid such research initiatives, CIL offers a library of isotopically labeled metabolite standards (span a multitude of metabolic classes and pathways) that are available individually and/or as multi-component mixtures and kits. The mixes are formulated neat and/or as solutions and are readily available for immediate use. In addition to the packaged mix(es), the kits include a user manual, which outline general procedures and processing examples for user reference.

Metabolomics Standards

CIL offers an array of stable isotope-labeled standards for MS metabolomics research. These are predominantly neat, with the labeling at variable isotopic positions. The metabolite standards are available in different forms (e.g., free acid, salt) and material grades (i.e., research, microbiological and pyrogen tested – MPT).

Metabolomics Mixtures and Kits

CIL offers an array of multi-component mixtures and kits for untargeted or targeted metabolomics research.