Flavors and Fragrances

As food, flavor, and fragrance ingredients become increasingly regulated in countries throughout the world, the need for reliable tests for detection of the presence of these substances in various sample types continues to grow. Stable isotope-labeled standards are often employed in an effort to accurately and precisely determine these substance amounts utilizing mass spectrometry (MS) and/or chromatographic and/or nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques. These analyses can also be used to ensure consistency in consumer products for this industry and to identify counterfeit products. With these applications in mind, CIL standards are manufactured to the utmost isotopic and chemical purities to ensure accurate and precise measurements of substances in prepared foods, cosmetics, household and personal products, fragrances, and beverages.

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I do not see the standard I need. Does CIL offer custom synthesis? Yes, CIL offers custom synthesis (click here for the form) and also an expansive offering of starting materials and intermediates, if you would like to synthesize your standard of interest (click here for more information).