Order Information

All Orders

CIL Account Coordinators are available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Orders may be placed on isotope.com, by e-mail to cilsales@isotope.com or intlsales@isotope.com, or by FAX 1-(978) 749-2768 24 hours a day. Please help us to expedite shipment of your order by including the following information:

• Shipping address
• Billing address
• Purchase order number
• CIL catalog number and product name
• Quantity: mg (milligrams), g (grams), kg (kilograms), L (liters), etc. as applicable
• Catalog price or CIL quotation number with date given
• Special instructions for packaging or shipping
• Your name and phone number, fax number and e-mail address
• End user name or group name and phone number
• Preferred mode of shipping (ie: FedEx or UPS)

CIL has a $100 minimum-order requirement.

International Orders

CIL has an extensive international sales network of representatives in over 35 different countries.

For your convenience, a complete list of our international distributors can be found by clicking below.

Our representatives and agents are available to assist you with your requirements for our products. Please consult your local CIL representative for appropriate pricing and payment terms. Shipping charges and any applicable import duties will be added to orders placed with distributors.

If you are ordering from a country without a representative listed, please contact us to order directly.

We will be pleased to provide proforma invoices upon request. Shipping charges will be added to direct orders. Any applicable import duties will be charged to the purchaser by shipping company (i.e., FedEx or air freight company).

Shipping terms are EXW Incoterms. Any damage to the package or product in transit is the buyer’s responsibility to adjust with the carrier.