Quantum Applications

CIL offers a series of isotopically enriched quantum-grade (QG) gas and molecules for various quantum applications. Quantum magnetometers, quantum key distribution (QKD), and future innovations like quantum computers and quantum internet rely on nitrogen-vacancy center diamonds, also known as NV centers or color centers diamonds. Regardless of the method used to synthetize these NV centers diamonds, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT), they required ultrahigh-purity starting material, highly enriched in 12C and very low nitrogen content. Over the last decades, CIL has worked tirelessly with the best academic labs and diamond-industry leaders to provide a starting material compatible with their applications.

After extensive testing in multiple academic labs, institutes, and industry in USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia, CIL has decided to offer a quantum-grade 12C methane: 12C Methane QG-alpha™.

CIL’s 12C methane QG-alpha material offers 99.99% (2N5) 12C enrichment and 3 ppm or less of nitrogen content.

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❛❛Isotopically engineered materials are essentials for quantum technologies. Availability of isotopically purified methane will enable growth of ultrapure diamond allowing to reach long coherence time of diamond spin qubits.❜❜

– Professor Fedor Jelezko | Institute for Quantum Optics, UULM, Germany

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